What we're about

At Pyrus, we love technology but we speak human.

We work in a very open way, breaking down complex situations and considerations into bite-size decisions that need to be made.

We thrive on creating strong and lasting relationships with our clients, helping to develop and improve events for the long-term.

Our values of Collaboration, Connection and Inclusion are interwoven with every project we deliver, working in collaboration with every stakeholder, connecting communities and including everyone.

How it works

We work as your design partner and consultation agency as we move through the important planning and execution stages of your event.


We start with a detailed conversation about your event and delve into what you're trying to achieve and how you wish to engage with your audience.


We tailor a solution to suit your event, combining cutting edge digital and audio-visual technologies with ongoing support and guidance.


We oversee all onsite and online delivery, tie the two together and welcome your audience to the conversation.


We undertake a detailed debrief and collaborate on how we, and the event can develop for the future.

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